Resource Index

[this list will be continually updated]


• Providers of emergency supplies (including food and a wide range of material resources)

There are many other sites, easy to find. The above sites have not been evaluated.

Jean-Claude Koven, who spoke at Sunday's meeting, is setting up a master site which synthesizes resources from the above sites and many more. This is in development:


• Emergency radios:


• EMP protection bags:


• Earthships


• Amateur ('Ham') radio:

How to get a radio license in Ecuador:

Consejo Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (conatel)
Edificio Zeus
Av Diego de Almagro N 31-95 y Alpallana
Casilla 17-07-9777
Quito, Ecuador.
tel: +593 2 222 5614

Other resources:

Quito Radio Club: +593 2 225 5427
Guayaquil Radio Club: +593 4 294 671.

Here are two links (Powerpoint and PDF) to a comprehensive, free Canadian online course. The material will be similar in each licensing country.