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Thread: Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

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    Default Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

    Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D
    Author of The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies

    Are there ascended spiritual masters around us trying to help us here on earth? Who are they? Why does time seem to be speeding up? Is 2012 a year to fear? What are Lightbearers and what is their role? These are just some of the questions answered by Dr. Mau in this fascinating interview. Enjoy the show, itís a good one!
    Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis, is one of several mediums for the Great Brotherhood of Light. He has been given the privilege of bringing forth the ideas of the Masters to a very skeptical humanity in search of answers during a time of worldwide upheaval. He is the principal practitioner and teacher of the powerful Telepathic Healing method developed by the Sanctus Germanus Foundation under the guidance of the Brotherhood.

    listen to interview here ... half way down click on 'play' button ...


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    Default Re: Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

    Hummmm, Dr Michael Mau is predicting difficult times ahead including world war 111. The changes will be protracted. A more feminine energy coming in, will put a strain on our relationship due to adjustments. Those that can not adjust to the new energies will die. The good news is that duality will soften, be less polarizing. Now there will be those on Avalon who will like this, as it falls in with their beliefs and ideas. Be sides St Germain, he has been taking to Krishna Merti. O yes Switzerland is the main culprit in all this.
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    Default Re: Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

    I contacted this man in Vancouver in a presentation. There was something fishy about him i couldn't pin point. The White brotherhood of light is based on conditional love and the information from them could be truth mixed with a hidden agenda. George Kavassilas has talked about the white brotherhood of light in his videos.

    this man now lives in Calgary and he does believes the coastlines will be flooded due to a pole shift of some sort.

    I think this Shift of the Ages will be something beautiful and remarkable, it will be the end of the world as we know it, but very very different;perhaps a dimensional shift or a sun event.

    peace and love

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    Default Re: Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

    Thank you Viking! As usual, you bring more food to the table for us to have an Epicurean feast.


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    Default Re: Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.

    I've visited the Brotherhood of Light. They occupy a certain level of 5D in the afterlife. To me, they look like yet another religious sect. Each religious sect and indeed each religion has its own "heaven", or a number of "heavens", but they are phony. To me, the Brotherhood felt phony too.

    The Brotherhood all wear strictly pure white robes, and there are millions of them. They don't allow anyone to see their faces -- which I approve of, because by doing so they're teaching all visitors to detach from their personalities. A good thing for any dead individual to do. But the scenery looks to me way too much like "heaven" in the sense that it's all made up of gently undulating hills with perfectly manicured green grass everywhere. There's also a smugness there, even though they are polite to any visitor. It felt too much like visiting the local parish church on a Sunday.
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