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  18. Holstein Farmers Market - Canada's First Galactic Market!
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  33. Early election results
  34. Where to buy Gas masks from Canada?
  35. Canada and the SPP (NAU)
  36. Extreme EMF sensitivity
  37. Enhanced Drivers Licenses comes to Ontario Bill 85 passed!
  38. Meteors in Canada tonight - Nov20
  39. Saskatchewan Ground Crew
  41. Ezra Levant: CHRC sets out to bury the Moon report
  42. Drone to Patrol Part of Border With Canada
  43. Canada rejects Gates Afghanistan call
  44. Okanagan anyone?
  45. any canadians still here?
  46. COAT: Coalition to Oppose The Arms Trade(Online Free Magazine)
  47. Downstream: Oilsands/Cancer Documentary
  48. GREATER TORONTO AREA / Ontario canada -- April 5/12 MEETINGS
  49. Canadian Parliament Back To Work With New Federal Budget!
  50. Are Chemtrails Poisoning Our Planet? Post Your Health Problems..
  51. Albertans a meeting in Calgary Feb 21, 2 pm Limericks
  52. Albertans a meeting in Calgary Feb 28, 2 pm Limericks
  53. Albertans a meeting in Calgary March 7, 2 pm Limericks
  54. Albertans a meeting in Calgary March 14, 1 pm Limericks
  55. George Bush in Calgary - March 17
  56. Happy St. Patricks Day!
  57. Alan Park Video: must see and must share !!!! blast this puppy out there....
  58. Bushism MP's In Ottawa Ban George Galloway MP
  59. Canadians Please Sign Petition To Save The CBC
  60. Human Rights Tribunal: Richard Warman’s conduct “disappointing and disturbing”
  61. SPECIAL EVENT: Splitting the Sky (John Boncore) to speak in Vancouver, BC, April 10th
  62. Alberta, what to say...
  63. Hello from Alberta
  64. Former MPs New Book - 'Sheeple!'
  65. Being trilingual in Quebec drives me nuts -- Contactee
  66. Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.
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  72. Awake or Slumbering In British Columbia
  73. Montreal Radiant Zone mtg (June 13/14)
  74. Ex-Bush Confidant Represents Sask Oil/Uranium Interests in Washington
  75. Harper Sells Nuke Plants/ Alberta's 'Closed Door' Nuke Energy Meetings
  76. Militarization of Canada's National Parks?
  77. P3 Canada - A new Crown Corporation... !
  78. Need Attendees For GCM In Vancouver BC
  79. Google Canada defends street cameras at House of Commons committee
  80. Montreal Radiant Zone mtg (July 5/2009)
  81. Ground Crew Mtg. For Vancouverites BC July12/09
  82. Western Canada - BC, Alb, Sask
  83. Ogopogo is may be dead. (legendary sea monster)
  84. Montreal Radiant Zone mtg (July 14/2009)
  85. GCM Small Yet Satisfying
  86. Supreme Court To Hear Mind Reading/RCMP Case
  87. I Need a Place To Go
  88. Montreal Radiant Zone mtg (July 29/2009)
  89. 10 Reasons To Refuse To Take A Swine Flu Vaccination
  90. Swine flu vaccine will need compensation program: Expert
  91. For Those that are Interested
  92. Consciousness and the Mind
  93. Health Canada agency won't force flu shots on health-care workers
  94. Vancouver Sun - Rights go out the window to create a seamless 2010 circus
  95. Monttrela RZ communtiy mtg (Aug.14/2009)
  96. Nationwide Vaccine Protest in Canada
  97. Activist Toolkits For Nationwide Vaccine Protest In Canada
  98. Youtube: (the fluoride song) WATER CRIMES by Trillion feat. Tono
  99. Crazy Canucks
  100. Swine flu shot: all canadians must watch this before september 11
  101. Montreal Radiant Zone mtg (Sept. 12/2009)
  102. Puppet Installment
  103. Inter-Community Project Announcement
  104. Quebec Law against forced vaccin
  105. RCMP Investigated for 'Limited' Action on Conservative Eavesdropping, re Prorogue '08
  106. Conservatives Use Federal Taxpayers' Money for Marketing Conservatives
  107. Health Canada Has Approved Adjuvenated Swine Flu Vaccine
  108. Hi/Bonjours Looking for fellow canadians in ottawa/gatineau region
  109. 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th month
  110. Ground Crew Meeting - GUELPH ONTRIO CANADA. Nov 28 After 4PM - 8 or 10 or whatever :)
  111. Regina, Sk - Make the Effort
  112. Canadian PM Harper Considering Prorogation (Again! Jan 2010)
  113. PM Stephen Harper Ties The Knot With 3 Prorogations Since Taking Office
  114. Bill C-300 Prorogued 'Away' - Canadian Mining Abuses (post others)
  115. Ken Boessenkool has friends in high places - Harper, Merck, TASER International...
  116. Newfoundland & Labrador
  117. Rainbow Community mtg Feb. 6/2010
  118. How the World Views Canada
  119. Montreal and her beautiful Royal Mount
  120. Taking corruption to the next level
  121. Gold Canada Gold!!
  122. Time travel made in Quebec
  123. Monsanto Sponsors Candian Curling Ass'n